Who are we?

Presenting the ideal of producing and producing the best and presenting the content with a high service, Aksis Group determined the roadmap while it was still in the establishment phase. Aksis Group, which started its activities in Ankara Ostim region, has been continuing its service with the same ideal and unchanging values ​​since 1992. Aluminum Doors, Windows, Curtain Walls and Mechanical Exterior Claddings have proven their international standards; He has succeeded in bringing the knowledge and service experience he gained together with our conditions. Strengthening its reliability in the sector with its production quality and service superiority day by day, Aksis Group owes its undisputed strength today to the data it has preserved since the very beginning.

Our Indispensable Principles:

To be focused on getting the result by measuring the suitability of the transactions to be kept.
It trains leaders who are suitable for the duties, powers and duties of each level.
To develop a management approach aimed at continuous execution.
To achieve the personal and professional development of every employee in the Aksis Group family; to encourage participation.
To ensure the continuity of learning and development.
We will present our activities in accordance with the national and international level.
Our Mission

By using our resources effectively, economically and efficiently; to bring together a culture of quality and service; industrial enterprises to obtain added value; Aksis Group can continue the lives of its solution partners.

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